Feast of Flowers Update!

Available Shares Update!

A Feast of Flowers – The 2019 Menu

Order Your Flower Shares Here

Our flower CSA program is a great way to receive our fresh, beautiful, sustainably grown flowers all summer long and in turn you are supporting what we do.

We put a lot of love and care into our flowers and we think it shows.

What is a CSA? CSA is an abbreviation for Community Supported Agriculture. When you become a member of our CSA, you are buying a “share” of the flowers that we grow each season.

We Have Created a New Menu of Options

for Our 2019 Flower Shares!

The Appetizers

The general comments we received last season were, “my flowers lasted longer than one week!” so we have gone to an EVERY OTHER WEEK program. But if you would like to receive flowers every week, just order 2 of any FEAST and let us know you want flowers every week for that season!

The following ‘Feast’ shares are intended to give you a generous sampling of our flowers and is perfect for flower enthusiasts who want to create their own arrangements!

A Spring Feast! (SOLD OUT)


This tasty share will feature (4) large bunches every other week of our beautiful spring blooms, like our unique daffodils and tulips, anemones, hellebores, sweet peas, lilacs, other blooming branches, and more! Your fresh bunch will be ready for you to create a beautiful arrangement! Our Spring blooms are guaranteed to chase the gray of winter away!

Every Other Week Pickups will start Friday, April 26th and end Friday June 14th. You will be assigned an every other week schedule. (4 Weeks Total)

A Summer Feast! (SOLD OUT)


This jam-packed feast will keep you satisfied this summer! Enjoy (4) large bunches every other week of our favorite summer blooms. A feast of peonies, roses, snapdragons, sweet peas, hydrangeas, zinnias, dahlias, clematis, berry branches, and more! Oh the colors of summer! This one should not be missed!

Every Other Week Pickups will start Friday, June 21st and end Friday, August 9th. You will be assigned an every other week schedule. (4 Weeks Total)

A Fall Feast! (SOLD OUT)

Order A Fall Feast Here! $80

This share will give you (4) big bunches of pure deliciousness! Dahlias, David Austin Roses, hydrangeas, blooming vines, gorgeous fall foliage, hops, asters, snap dragons, and bits and pieces of garden heaven! We call this share the ‘Diva’ share cause it will be full of garden drama and drop dead gorgeous!

Every Other Week Pickups will start Friday, August 16th and End Friday September 27th. You will be assigned an every other week schedule. (4 weeks Total)

Are you still hungry for more flowers?

You may want a… Lion’s Share!  All 3 Seasons! (12 Weeks Total)

A Lion’s Feast! (SOLD OUT)


Every Other Week Pickups will start Friday, April 26th and end Friday, September 27th. You will be assigned an every other week schedule. (12 weeks Total)

And More Options…

A Bouquet Feast (SOLD OUT)

Order A Bouquet Feast Here! $125

This is the perfect option for those who want a beautifully arranged display of our blooms. Each large arrangement is perfectly designed and will feature the best blooms from our gardens each week! These arrangements will include our premium blooms like  peonies and roses, and always a dash of our ‘secret sauce’ ingredients! Your bouquet will be ready to place it in your own vase and enjoy. Each bouquet is designed by our floral artists and will always feature our finest blooms.

Pickups will start Friday, May 10th and end Friday, July 26th. You will be assigned a pick up schedule. (3 Pickups Total)

Pure Peonies! (SOLD OUT)


This share features one of our specialities, Peonies! The season is short, so we want to allow you an opportunity to enjoy these blooms in a big way! We harvest our peonies at the perfect stage for the longest vase life. Mixed color bunches will have apx 8-10 stems.  (Sorry we can not offer single color bunches)

Weekly Pickups start Friday, June 14th and end Friday, July 5th. (4 Weeks Total)

We hope we have created an option for you to feast on our fresh flowers all season long!

And be sure to ask about our DIY Bridal Parties too!


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