Flowers Feed the Soul!

Today I was inspired to rename my Blog, well actually it was homework for a Blog writing lesson, so I created “Flowers Feed the Soul” as my new Blog Title! It has been a mantra for me for the last year or so after becoming aware that folks have trouble picking up fresh flowers, just because! Every Sunday afternoon last summer I was shocked and disappointed at the number of gorgeous bouquets that were leftover in our flower farm cooler. The comments usually went like this, “I wish I knew of someone’s birthday to buy them for” whaaa? Folks don’t hesitate paying a crazy amount of money for a purple tomato, but they have a hard time justifying buying fresh flowers? So I’m here to give you permission to go buy yourself some fresh flowers today! You will be nourishing yourself! One of our $18 bouquets. Every stem from our organic flower farm!IMG_3161


Post Day One

Hi, my name is Julie Schiedler and I’m sitting at my cozy little writing nook, looking out the window at a chilly November morning here in Bend, OR.

I got my first Social Security check last month, (I applied for it as soon as they would give it to me!) so I guess I am now officially a senior citizen! Some days I feel my age and other days I fell like I could run a marathon.

So I’ve done some interesting things in my life but I am now getting to do what I have always wanted to do. I have a small cutting garden nursery and garden shop.

After running the nursery for over a year now, I began to realize that not everyone knows how to garden! So I am filling in the off season with flower garden workshops! I love inspiring folks!

My blog theme will be all things flowers! Growing, Harvesting, and Arranging Flowers! Because, Flowers Feed the Soul!