You can take the Gardener out of the Garden but you can’t take the Garden out of the Gardener!

It’s mid November and the reality of the end of the garden season is settling in. But today I’m looking forward to a chilly but sunny day in the garden. I will be planting the last of my fall bulbs and peony roots. I’m excited about some of the peonies I’ll be planting today. James Mann, a nice clear pink with beautiful dark red flecks, Grace Batson, a cool dusty pink, a vintage theme comes to mind, Brands Magnificent, dark rose with hints of purple, and Inspector Laverne, a clear deep crimson.

The anticipation of seeing these babies bloom next June will have me out checking on them all winter long!


Flowers Feed the Soul!

Today I was inspired to rename my Blog, well actually it was homework for a Blog writing lesson, so I created “Flowers Feed the Soul” as my new Blog Title! It has been a mantra for me for the last year or so after becoming aware that folks have trouble picking up fresh flowers, just because! Every Sunday afternoon last summer I was shocked and disappointed at the number of gorgeous bouquets that were leftover in our flower farm cooler. The comments usually went like this, “I wish I knew of someone’s birthday to buy them for” whaaa? Folks don’t hesitate paying a crazy amount of money for a purple tomato, but they have a hard time justifying buying fresh flowers? So I’m here to give you permission to go buy yourself some fresh flowers today! You will be nourishing yourself! One of our $18 bouquets. Every stem from our organic flower farm!IMG_3161