Follow our Wagon to Squirrel!


We are taking our wagon to Squirrel

For a Vintage Garden Pop-Up Shop!

Saturday & Sunday, June 4th & 5th, 2022


19885 Alderwood Circle, Bend, OR 97702

We are unpacking our junk trunks and diggin up some

of our best vintage garden wears and

plants for this Pop-Up!


You DO NOT want to miss this SALE!

Squirrel is such a fun place!

Toni’s vintage garden goods and wears are sure to inspire


Patsy’s vintage decor and clothing are fabulous!

You’re sure to find some unique and special treasures!


“Waiting for Asparagus” 2022

Greetings Fellow Gardeners,

I’m reminded of this garden notion every March. Waiting for Asparagus, is a chapter in Barbara Kingsolver’s book Animal, Vegetable, Miracle. Her book takes us on a modern day journey of homesteading, and trying to live off the land. Her story begins in late March, when asparagus is the first crop to make an appearance. Kingsolver calls that time when we yearn for the first fresh produce of the year “Waiting for Asparagus.”

The old asparagus in my garden is now fairly few and far between because the Peonies have taken over. And so I am now “Waiting for Peonies”

Food for the Soul! ‘Peony’ Red Charm