Mother’s Day Flowers!

The Self Serve Flower Stand will be


Friday, May 6th 10am-6pm,

& Saturday, May 7th 10am-6pm

(or while they last!)

61430 Brosterhous Rd, Bend, OR

$15 Bouquets – Special $25 Jam Jar Arrangements – $45 Mason Jar Arrangements



(Pre-order here to guarantee your flowers!)

Don’t Forget MOM!

AND…. Join us Saturday May 7th at River’s Place

for a Special Mother’s Day Pop-Up Shop!


Spring Flowers!

The Self Serve Flower Stand will be


Friday, April 15th 12noon-4pm,

& Saturday, April 16th 10am-4pm

(or while they last!)

61430 Brosterhous Rd, Bend, OR

$15 Bouquets or $45 Mason Jar Arrangements



(Pre-order here to guarantee your flowers!)

$45 Mason Jar Type Arrangement (Spring Sample)

Announcing Our New Online Book Store!

We have been busy sorting through the boxes and boxes of garden books we have collected over the years, and it is now time to share them with you!

We will be adding more books everyday so you will want to check our website often!

And here are a few to wet your garden appetite!

This Beautiful Book offers so much inspiration! The photos are outstanding but the gardening advice is invaluable. Companion planting at its finest. You will really enjoy this book!

The French, who are known for their style in all things, have long brought their artistry to bear on vegetable gardening, turning plots that could be merely utilitarian into gardens of real beauty. The Art of French Vegetable Gardening explores this rich and varied tradition in a way that is both inspirational and practical. Combining 175 color photographs shot throughout France with an informative text, The Art of French Vegetable Gardening explains how to create different styles of decorative vegetable gardens, from the strict geometries of formal tradition to the happy-intermingling of vegetables with flowers, herbs, and fruit trees beloved by organic gardeners. Each chapter offers useful advice and suggestions—applicable to gardens anywhere—while evoking the rich cultural context of the French potager as lovingly described by Colette, Proust, Gertrude Stein, and many others.

Elements of garden design—including layout, hedging, walls, benches, and vertical accents—are detailed, as are specific vegetables that can provide both beauty and flavor. Other topics include companion planting using herbs and flowers, heirloom and collectors’ varieties, and even the vegetable garden in winter. An extensive appendix offers 80 classic Frnech recipes for vegetables, lists of plants American seed sources, and French vegetable gardens open to the public. Practical as well as beautiful, The Art of French Vegetable Gardening is an invaluable sourcebook to return to again and again.

This book is one that I often turn to for seasonal garden bouquet inspiration. Her garden style florals are right up my flower alley!

Suzy Bales sums up garden arrangements like this: “Life is best lived in sync with the seasons.” She brings a new angle to four-season garden bouquets—gather the blooms, but don’t overlook the leaves, branches, and vines you find in the off-season. Her fresh-from-the-garden arrangements celebrate the ever-changing landscape and feature unique combinations of flowers and foliage for floral creations in every style.

Lifelong gardener and lifestyle writer Bales also takes on the role as inspirational designer to educate gardeners about the latest research on conditioning individual garden flowers, how to care for them immediately after cutting, and the length of time they can be expected to last. Garden Bouquets and Beyond: Creating Wreaths, Garlands, and More in Every Garden Season has compiled complete instructions for prolonging the bloom.

Be sure to check back often!