Meet Duane and Julie

It was in the late 70’s that owner’s, Duane and Julie Schiedler, met on the beautiful high desert of Central Oregon. Soon after, they would learn they shared a deep and strong common interest — the love of gardening. Both passionate about growing organic produce, plants and beautiful flowers, with a strong appreciation for sustainable living, eventually led them to design and cultivate some of the most distinctive and admired gardens in the city of Bend, Oregon.

Together, they bring their garden growing expertise to classes offered through the Central Oregon Community College, as well as to anyone interested in learning about their gardening practices on their property — The Miracle Acre Farm. Their enthusiasm and passion in teaching others healthy growing practices, along with their tips and tricks on how to successfully grow herbs, flowers and produce in the Central Oregon region, is an inspiration to many and of huge value to the challenged garden grower.

Julie, the driving force behind Celebrate the Season’s operation, is well-known within the community for her gardening expertise and artistic garden skills. While most recently a former Real Estate Appraiser, she studied Horticulture at Mt Hood Community College before settling in Bend. She prides herself for having been gifted with a “green thumb”!

Duane’s talents stretch beyond farming (he grew up on a dairy farm in Mt. Angel, Or.), he’s also well-known throughout the community for his talented craftsmanship in the beautiful cabinets he builds at his shop — The Wood Awakening. You can be sure, when he’s not building cabinets he’s lovingly tending his organic gardens.

Duane and Julie