February is a great time to enjoy your garden!

We had a lot of inquires about Valentines Day Flowers but after much consideration we decided to stay true to our mission of being a responsibly sustainable flower farm and only offer our seasonal farm grown flowers, which are in short supply in February…but I am appreciating my winter cutting garden. I admit I get panic attacks when I think about all the gorgeousness at the Portland Flower Market so please don’t judge me if you see me with an arm load of Tulips from Trader Joes!

But we promise our locally grown flowers will be worth the wait!

This Winter I have been enjoying my backyard birds. I have a Townsend Solitaire that comes to the water bath every morning, dark headed Juncos, sweet Chickadees, little Pigmy Nuthatches, bright yellow Gold Finches, red House Finches, beautiful native Morning Doves, Flickers, Blue Jays, Cedar Wax Wings, Pine Siskins, and this morning a Varied Thrush came in for a quick drink of water!

I love them all!

And I’m happy to announce I am teaching at COCC again!

My first class is;

‘Grow a Year-Round Cutting Garden’

March 11th, 2023

I have been working hard on this class to make it as comprehensive and packed with practical tips to help you enjoy fresh cut flowers like these from your own cutting garden!

And on a final note…I finally made the commitment to become a Master Gardener!

And I am enjoying it immensely!


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61430 Brosterhous Road
Bend, OR 97702

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