Shop for Plants!

Do You Have Questions, Concerns, or Hesitations About Ordering Online?
Is it Safe?
We are hyper cleaning and disinfecting everything… (except the plants) and we wear our masks (thanks to our wonderful neighbors #stephanie.hutto & company for making us beautiful masks)
and of course we wear gloves.
Duh..we’re gardeners.
And our Roadside Farm Stand is sanitized and contactless.
Just pull over and grab your order off our Farm Stand.
If you would like us to load your order in your rig, just let us know when you are here for pickup and we will come right out to help!
(wearing our masks & gloves)
It’s super easy and gets you out of the house for the essentials.
Is your information safe?
We never share your information ever.
And my home office is guarded round the clock by Chloe.
Are you worried you might not love the plants you get?
We give you 2 days to return any plants you are not satisfied
with for a full refund.
We will never sell you plants we wouldn’t buy ourselves.
Because we want this to work we are taking extra care
to provide you with the highest quality plants we can get.
If you have any other questions Please call me. Julie 541-244-2536

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