Our shipment of David Austin (RIP) Bare Root Roses was scheduled to arrive the week of March 11th and we still had 3′ of snow! I was pretty sure I couldn’t ask them to postpone delivery, but they called and said they were a week behind in shipping! Hallelujah! We hadn’t even been able to get up to Madras to pick up our tote of organic soil to pot them either! It all worked out. Whew!

I met a really wonderful flower farmer from southern Washington, Kim with Little Island Flowers, and she pleaded with me for part of this years DA booty! She got a nice helping of plants along with my good friend Karen at Madras Garden Depot. And Duane and I are keeping around 20 plants to plant here at the farm. So if you are wanting to increase your own David Austin garden of roses, I suggest you get here pretty early! Only 17 of these babies to sell to you all!

Shipping cost was a killer this year! och! So they are not cheap. But if you have been lucky enough to get some of our DA roses in the past, and you took reasonable care and followed our advice, you should have been rewarded with some breath taking blooms! And they aren’t even mature until they are around 3 years old! LOOK OUT LORRETTA!

They are potted and pruned and spending quality time getting use to Spring in Central Oregon in our unheated garden room and should be ready for sale just before Mother’s Day! Don’t miss out!



Crocus Rose

Abraham Darby_2

Abraham Darby

Winchester Cathedral


One thought on “OUR 2019 DAVID AUSTIN ROSES

  1. I know they are pretty and all, but I SO miss the hybrid tea roses. We have quite a few roses at work, but I will limit mine to only four of my favorites. I grew a small rose garden when I was in high school, and it was rad; but there is so much more to do here.


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