The Back Porch & Company Flower Pop-Up!

Join us at The Back Porch & Company, in Redmond, Saturday, March 30, 2019 for a Special Spring Flower Pop-Up!

Come browse this fabulous shoppe full of wonderful treasures that will make your house a home!


We are teaming up with the good folks at Back Porch & Company for a cure for the Winter Blues! (This side of Hawaii!)

Shop for a special Vase, get creative here, and we will create a beautiful Spring arrangement for it!

Since our flowers are still under 2′ of snow, we are headed to the flower market for some Spring gorgeousness! I’m giddy! And you know I will bring back the best of the best!


Let’s make a special arrangement just for your perfect vase!

Arrangements will be priced by the stems used.

(vases not included)

Treat yourself to a fun day hunting for vintage treasures and take home a stunning Spring floral arrangement!

March 30th, 2019 11am to 2pm The Back Porch & Company 2127 S Highway 97, Redmond, OR

Come enjoy some nibbles and bubbles while I show you some tricks of flower arranging or make you a beautiful floral display.

Hope to see you!


Stay tuned for more Spring Pop-ups!

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