Must Have Cutting Garden Perennials!

Cutting Garden Perennials can take your Bouquets over the top!

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Aconitum h. ‘Sparks Variety’ “Monkshood”


Aconitum is a cutting garden workhorse! And ‘Spark’s Variety’ is ‘tried and true’! It will produce non stop spires of rich blue flowers on multi-branched 3’–4′ stems from mid- to late summer and will be one of the last blooms in the fall garden. An excellent cut flower.

Aconitums are not readily available at most garden centers but we have several in stock right now and they are just waiting for a spot in your cutting garden!

Hardy to Zone 3. 3’–4′ high x 3′ wide. Full Sun to Part Shade

This plant is toxic and care should be taken when handling the flowers and stems. Deer and rabbits leave this plant well alone!

Artemisia l. ‘Valerie Finnis’


A Central Oregon hardy ‘Dusty Miller’. This plant will be a prized possession in your garden! Its velvety foliage just begs to be touched. Beautiful silver foliage with tiny inconspicuous, yellowish-gray flower heads in summer. Foliage is aromatic and is beautiful in arrangements and your flower beds. Also a great container plant.

Hardy to Zone 4. 18″-24″ high x 2′ wide. Full Sun.

Scabiosa ‘Fama Deep Blue’


No other “Pincushion flower” compares to Fama! Intense purple blue flowers are held atop long sturdy stems. The flowers are HUGE! (3″-4″ across) and uniform. An excellent, long lasting cut flower.

Hardy to Zone 4. 18″-24″ high x 18″-24″ wide. Full Sun.

Filipendula ‘Venusta’



This plant is right up there with one of my favorite cutting garden perennials! It takes a few years to be really productive, but sooo worth the wait! This variety has sturdy, tall stems of deep green lacy foliage and huge heads of deep pink, airy flowering plumes! Stunning towards the back or middle of a border. Fabulous for cutting. I cut it when just a few of the lower buds are fully opened. Stunning in arrangements! A Native North American wildflower.

Hardy to Zone 3. 47″-70″ high x 35″-47″ wide. Full Sun to Part Shade.

Penstemon ‘Midnight Masquerade’


I am gah gah over black foliage plants this year, and this cutting garden beauty is one of my favorites. A hybrid of two North American natives, Penstemon digitalis and Penstemon calycosus, this sturdy, upright plant with dark black purple stems and foliage is beautiful on its own, but add the long stemmed lavender flower spikes in late Spring and look out Loretta!

Hardy to Zone 3. 36″-40″ high x 28″-32″ wide. Blooms best in Full Sun.

Trollius ‘Golden Queen’


Plant one of these plants in your garden this Spring and by Mid Summer you will be craving more! These golden beauties burst into bright color in late spring and will continue through late fall! Fabulous semi-double golden flowers with a contrasting center of deep orange. They grow well in a sunny or part-shaded border, also at the edge of a moist woodland. Long lasting cut flower. Shear plants back after blooming to encourage a flush of new leaves to last through the summer. Clumps may be easily divided in fall or early spring. Mix them in with your Peonies and Roses!

Hardy to Zone 3. 24″-36″ high x 18″-24″ wide. Full Sun to Part Shade.

Come see us soon for the best selection of these hard to find varieties!


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